Rodney G. (Rod) Barber
President - iR Cables, Inc.

Rod Barber's baptism into the world of tailor made cables began in 1996 after his retirement from the US Army. Over the next six years, he headed the elocab (now LEONI Elocab) sales force in North America and was instrumental in establishing the Kitchener manufacturing and sales operation before moving back to New Mexico in 2002. Rod joined the US Army in 1974 as a mechanic, becoming a specialist for international logistics and accountability projects. Stationed in Germany, he oversaw equipment logistics for US conventional forces in Europe. In the early 1990's, Rod made an important contribution to establishing reliable data in the Arms Reduction Program that followed the end of the Cold War. After a 23-year career Rod retired. In 2002 he and his wife Irene moved to Rio Rancho - on the northwest side of Albuquerque - to establish iR Cables, Inc.

Irene Barber
Vice President - iR Cables, Inc.

Irene started her career in Germany at Siemens AG after graduating from the University of Nuremberg in 1981 with a degree in electrical engineering. She went on to hold a number of positions as an electrical engineer and facility manager in the electrical industry with assignments in both Germany and the U.S. In 1996, Irene transferred to Canada with husband Rod to launch the North American subsidiary of German cablemaker elocab (now LEONI Elocab). For close to six years, she was president of the Kitchener manufacturing plant, which served a growing customer base across North American. In 2002, LEONI made the plant its North American design and production center for tailor-made cables. Irene moved to Rio Rancho with Rod in the summer of 2002. From her many years heading elocab in North America, she brings unrivalled knowledge and experience in custom cable design and production to the process of supporting current and potential customers.